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  Rental Unit Delivery Standards Checklist
By Rich Haen
Source: richhaen.com
April 2007

Will the Sub-Prime Mortgages Effect Boston’s Market?


What I have experienced in the last three months is that sellers and buyers are coming back with a renewed sense of confidence in the market and are ready to transact! However, there seems to have been a slow down in the past 2-3 weeks? In fact, Available Inventories throughout Downtown Boston's historic neighborhoods have increased +-20% in the past 3o days. But still, based solely on the most recent Sales Data, there have been a record number of closings in the past two quarters in comparison to the first three quarters of 2005! I am now confident that pent up demand has been recreated along with a level playing field if the property in question is priced better than the competition! In my humble opinion this will have an effect on our market! However, we still have the lowest Mortgage Rates in four months!


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